Industries Served

 Over the years, Sweeney Metalworking has served a number of different manufacturers, including medical, electrical, aerospace, automotive, agricultural, and construction. By providing full stamping and metalworking services, we have been able to meet a wide variety of part specifications. 

Full Stamping & Metalworking Capabilities

 Sweeney Metalworkings provides complete in-house services to deliver total satisfaction on even the most intricate parts. Our services include: 

Draw Stamping

Deep Draw Stamping


Detail Machining

CNC/CMM Fixtures

Blanchard Grinding

Welding & Fabrication

Special Machines

Laser Marking

Wire EDM

Engineering Tool & Design


CMM Inspections

Large Milling

Projection Welding

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

New & Rebuilt Die Sets

Jig Grinding

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