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 Sweeney Metalworking is focused on building a relationship as your  trusted partner – not simply a supplier. We are flexible to adapt and  change quickly to meet your needs, whether it’s a quick turnaround or a  difficult design. When you choose us, you can depend on: 



 Communication is key to a successful project. We believe in open, direct  and prompt communication. We will propose any design options we  discover that may benefit you. We are always available to discuss how  the prototypes parts were made or how features affect the production  stamping process. 



 We know our capabilities and what it takes to produce a quality part on  time. We are a sound company founded on providing exceptional service  and quality. 


 True value is not based solely on price per piece, but on what a trusted  partner brings to improve performance throughout your process. Our  in-house services allow you to focus your resources on your production  jobs. Our value doesn’t end when the part is delivered; we offer support  to our customers during and after the job is completed.  

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